Women’s group

on Feb 15, 2016

Introducing the Women’s Wellness Tribe; coming together to inspire momentum on things that matter. Ok ladies, time for us to find some serious momentum with our emotional and social wellness goals! Ask me when the next group is starting up, we always have space for a few more amazing women!

New Year’s resolutions can be overwhelming, and even disappointing, but they don’t have to be. Proactive wellness information coupled with the support of your ‘tribe’, will allow for motivation and inspiration. Let’s come together to enhance awareness, invite acceptance, and inspire readiness to have your goals come to fruition.  The themes of our discussions have included; self awareness, dealing with societal pressures, living one’s passion, intention setting, stress management and more.

Every 2 weeks, for 8 sessions, we will bring together our ‘tribe’ of wellness women to invite mindfulness, wellness and fun into our everyday! Support for the strongest! Sessions are held in Saskatoon, SK, and group size will be limited.

To register, simply email me at jenn@jmjcoaching.ca

Click here to view brochure! >  Women’s Wellness Tribe,brochure

~ Another wellness initiative by JMJ Coaching ~