W4; Warrior Women’s Wellness Weekend, September 23-25

on Apr 18, 2016

Calling all wellness junkies! We are doing it AGAIN! Partnering up with the wonderful Caitlin, of Nourished by Caitlin Illes, we are thrilled to host another weekend for women. This is for YOU, and you won’t regret proactively taking care of your mind, body, and soul like this.  May 13-15,2016 we’re bringing you W4: Warrior Women’s Wellness Weekend. We are returning to “Quest”, a retreat center in Christopher Lake, SK!
We will cater to your body, mind, soul, and spirit during this wellness retreat for the STRONG, MIGHTY and OVERRUN!
Let’s come together to explore, share and experience all things wellness.You can look forward to:
• Group coaching: reflection & renewal, intention setting and wellness planning
• Healthy nutritionist prepared nourishment and education
• Gentle yet exhilarating fitness and yoga classes
• Mindfulness and meditation practices
• Reconnecting with nature
• Fresh air with breath-taking scenery
• Rich connections with wonderful women
• Total relaxation, growth, and renewal
Know that you are doing all things WELL to take care of number 1.

To register, you can email me at jenn@jmjcoaching.ca, or call 306.230.1529

A full schedule can be found on Cait’s site www.caitlinilles.ca

W4 ~Another wellness initiative with JMJ Coaching and Nourished by Caitlin Illes~