Together We Can- CAMP- Calling all families!

on Mar 18, 2016

June 3-5, 2016
This is going to be family time that you’ll never forget!  Built upon the series for parent/child called Together We Can, we’ve created you a weekend family retreat.  Time to have fun connecting, growing, learning and playing.  This is family ‘therapy’ at its best!  Let’s make it fun to get to know ourselves and our relationships with each other better.  This weekend will be full of activities, (mild) exercise, free-family time, great eats and more.

Connect as a family and have fun doing it.

Learn more about each other.

Communicate stronger.

Enhance relationships.

One or two adults: Parent, Step-Parent, or Grandparent.

Children should be between 5 and 14 years approximately. (to best participate and understand the activities)

We will be at the Living Waters Camp- 1 hour north of Saskatoon.  (south of Prince Albert, SK)

Arrive Friday at 5/5:30pm, and we will wrap up around 1:00pm Sunday.  (no school for many on June 3rd!)

For pricing and registration details email me at  (Jenn)

*very limited space/rooms, so hold your family’s spot now!