There is a lot to our teens…

on Aug 14, 2018

Our teens; they are amazing, complicated, bright, curious, uncertain, frustrated, excited and hopeful.  Or are they?  Does it change based on the week?  Based on the social experience this semester?  Based on how things are at home?  The list goes on.  The pre-teen and teen years can be a load of fun; filled with opportunity and adventure.  They can also be scary as all, full of disbelief, confusion and uncertainty.  Wow, am I contradicting myself?  No.  I’m not because it can be ALL of these things, wrapped up into one beautiful and wonderful teen…your teen.


I absolutely love coaching/counseling teens.  Why?  They have such an appetite to understand themselves and their experiences.  They can (and do) plug in to who they are, what they want, and have the ability (and energy!) to do something about it.  They CAN learn techniques to feel stronger, and find themselves more receptive to accepting who they are.  They WILL ‘own’ it all, call it theirs, and find momentum on things that matter to them.  Having a high level of self-awareness and self-acceptance may not come naturally, but when it develops and they nurture it, they can tackle anything.  They really do have the willingness and ability to show up as their happiest and strongest versions of themselves.  This…is amazing to be a part of.


I welcome you, your teen, your family or workplace, to experience all that is the coaching (or counseling) process.  My magic is helping you find yours.  Here’s to the ongoing (and worthy) practice of bringing your best self to the world.  You deserve it!


To chat further about private coaching/counseling sessions, email me at


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