Training & Facilitating

Looking to hire a speaker for your upcoming conference?

Like to add a facilitator to your organization’s learning and development program?

As a keynote for several conferences, and a trainer in fields such as manufacturing, sales, customer service and other professional settings, I would be happy to partner with you on the development of the curriculum and/or the delivery.

Whether it is for a lunch session or a multi-week program, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Speaking and programming include topics such as:
  • Navigating work/life balance
  • Effective communications
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mindfulness; at home, work and in our relationships
  • Coaching and managing (importance of knowing the difference!)
  • Finding purpose (and passion!) in one’s role/life
  • Customer service
  • Leadership development
  • Societal pressures and expectations
  • Stress, anxiety and anger management
  • The rewards of rewarding! (and recognizing)
  • Team building and enhancing workplace culture
  • Strategic planning
  • Enhancing employee contribution (being a part of it!)
  • Performance management cycle
  • Creative recruitment and retention
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Crucial conversations and effective conflict
  • Effective and engaging team meetings
  • The truth about forgiveness
  • Time management and ever-changing priorities
  • Self-awareness; Image and esteem
  • Goal setting (like you’ve never seen!)

Email me to set up a coffee visit and I’d be happy to share more.

Appreciative of the kind words shared by some of my clients:

“Jenn Minor Johannson provided a presentation to a group of our health professionals on Work/Life Balance this past April.  Although that topic can sometimes be considered a bit cliché, and is spoken about a lot, our members were captivated by Jenn.  She connected with the audience not only with the content of her presentation, but also with her personal stories and humor.  Many of our members came to speak to Jenn and I after the presentation with sincere gratitude for the information shared.  I have also had requests to bring Jenn back next year for an even longer session!  People want more!   Jenn was informative, respectful, engaging, and professional.  She took the time to learn about the profession prior to the presentation; to learn about its challenges and uniqueness which allowed her to use correct terminology and realistic examples the members could relate to.  Tremendous!!”  Kellie Watson, Registrar – Executive Director- SK Dental Hygienists’ Association


“When it comes to designing and delivering training programs, targeted to the needs of both an organization and its team, Jennifer is top notch!  Having worked with her during a time when she led both the development and implementation of focused training to a wide cross section of employees, I would never hesitate to have her lead the development of a training program for any of my colleagues.  She is a keen listener that is able to interpret and understand the needs of an organization and then tailor needed training to employees in a method that works for them.  A special gift!”  Daryl Bitz, President and CEO


“I hired Jenn with JMJ Coaching as I was looking for something unique to bring our community of WBM women together to talk about wellness.  I wanted a casual group setting where we could discuss topics that matter to the group and work on developing ourselves in new ways. I was wanting our group to be able to learn new things, and have fun together along the way; this expectation was absolutely met.  The biggest impact was likely in the realization of the members of the group that WBM as an organization is willing to invest in them and their wellness – the value that comes in that for them personally is real.  Jenn’s style is relaxed and easy going – she has a great way in a group setting of stimulating discussion and keeping it fun.  I would say that although it may be difficult to quantify the results (or ROI) of a wellness program, it is without a doubt something that employers need to consider as a priority.  Our impact on the lives of our employees can go beyond just creating jobs and the building of a career. We can build stronger individuals, stronger teams and stronger families – which will ultimately lead to stronger communities – if we look beyond the scope of traditional work skills and think about how to support people in truly having great lives.  An investment in wellness is an investment that pays dividends now and in the future in ways we might not ever be able to imagine.  The impact we can make in investing in our people is far reaching and it may very well change the world.”  JoeAnne Hardy; President of WBM Technologies