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“This past year I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenn Minor Johannson in her role as Executive Coach. Being highly referred by my Board Chair, Jenn had some fairly high expectations to meet. Even by the end of our first meeting though, it was clear that she had the goods to deliver, and surpass, those expectations.

Sometimes it’s hard for leaders to recognize, identify and most readily, admit, that they need an Executive Coach. I can say with certainty that hiring Jenn has been one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made. Jenn understands leadership, and the demands, pressure, stress and isolation that can go along with it. She has a way of breaking things down so they’re very understandable, relatable, sensible and actionable.

Jenn has helped me sort through external variables that have enabled me to see the big picture through a macro lens. And yet she’s also coached me to be introspective to help me get a better understanding of me, and what makes me tick. That’s a tall order, but in my experience it’s unequivocally been the case.

She knows just what to say to energize, validate, educate, challenge and motivate me. I look forward to each of our sessions with this knowledge in mind.

‘So what and now what,’ as Jenn would say.

For these reasons and more, I would strongly recommend executive coaching by Jenn Minor Johannson to colleagues and peers in senior management, executive and leadership positions.” ~ Keith Moen; Executive Director NSBA (North Saskatoon Business Association)


“I’ve always believed in the benefits of mentorship and coaching. In my position, leading a large organization and working for myself, it is a critical element in building accountability. More importantly, it has brought confidence and clarity in challenging times. The stakes are high and Jenn has a very unique and effective form of question based coaching that leads me to decisions. The coaching experience has given me an important outlet to explore new ideas, to address underlying problems and has delivered results to me personally as well as our organization.” ~ President & CEO

“Jenn has brought her intuition, unique perspective, and well versed wisdom to her role as my business coach. I find her ability to understand not only the situations I share, but her discovery process has her in my head, seeing my perspective, knowing my sweet spot, and is very helpful at not solving my issues, but clearing the noise away so I can see things with new clarity. I enjoy our time together, and have confidence that Jenn’s influence and coaching has been very beneficial to both me and my business.” ~ Jay Stark; President/Partner

“I felt my 5 year old daughter needed tools to manage some emotions & frustrations, and come out of her shell while at school.  The Kids Can class very much helped my daughter come out of her shell a bit & learn to speak up, especially in school. We were, therefore very pleased with enrolling our daughter after seeing this improvement.  Definitely would not hesitate to recommend JMJ Coaching, as Jenn is sweet & caring with all clients!” ~ Parent of series participant

“I had been feeling as though my son was having trouble dealing with stresses and anxiety. At random a Facebook ad showed up on my newsfeed for JMJ Coaching, offering a program for 4-5 year olds.  I thought anything is worth a shot.  So we signed up immediately! I found Jenn to be so calm as soon as we entered her space, which in turn made it easier to leave my son in her care.  Picking him up after each session he always seemed so full of energy and excitement and came home with tools we could revert back to any time to calm down if things were getting out of hand.  The communication throughout the whole program was wonderful! Jenn sure can tune into little minds and help them along their way. So grateful to have found her.  I have since recommended this program to two friends with similar concerns with their children, and every chance I get I’m telling someone about what is offered through JMJ.” ~ Parent of series participant

“Since September I have watched him grow so much! He used to be lost for words when asked about his day or when he needed to work out conflicts or disagreements with friends. He would have very little to say when asked to describe how he feels or how his day went. He has opened up so much. He shares stories as soon as he gets home freely. He shares at bedtime. He is so much less frustrated in general. Little things don’t bother him and I can see him taking other’s feelings into consideration much more often. He is calmer and quieter. He listens on the first ask, and is really starting to connect with his little siblings. This kid loves to learn and doesn’t care if it’s school, piano, therapy, or for fun. He is so much more willing to try new things and rarely complains. Your programs are helping him succeed in other activities and giving him the skills to find his confidence in these other areas. He truly has opened up and I hugely thank you for that Jenn!  You are like an angel to us. I tell people you are my ‘yoga angel.’ Thank you for all that you do!” ~ Parent of participant

“We wanted to take a proactive approach in our son’s mental health wellness, and decided to have him spend some one-on-one time with Jenn.  He has Autism Spectrum Disorder and is at a higher risk of developing anxiety and suffering from mood disorders such as depression.  What we appreciated the most about Jenn’s counseling approach was that she shines a light on and focuses on our son’s strengths to build him up. She then shares their work with us so we can keep the dialogue and positive vibes flowing!  The result has been that Jenn has provided our son some strategies on how to better cope with his feelings & emotions.  He is now better equipped to respond rather than react. Jenn Rocks! If you are looking for someone who is invested in you or your loved ones well- being, then you need to check her out.  Jenn, your approach of always practicing kindness & compassion shines brightly through the wonderful work you do. Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us!”  ~Mom- of 9 year old counselling client

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