Counselling or Coaching

sheshinespicLet’s face it; kids are amazing.  They are curious, silly, happy and willing.  They are capable, resilient, innocent and unassuming.  Coaching is not about ‘fixing’ kids, they are wonderful already.  Coaching is not therapy, nor is it for what we might call concerns or problems.  What is it then you ask?

Coaching is a solution- focused approach that is very useful for children, as they are not fully able to understand themselves, others, or the world around them.  Children are faced with many things such as: building relationships, managing difficult emotions and situations, and decisions about what kind of self-image they will have.  As unfathomable as it may seem, they also have stress and anxiety.  Stress about friends, school, social acceptance and studies.  They are anxious about trying new things, and understanding family dynamics.

Fortunately for those children in the midst of stress and anxiety, there is support.  There are wonderful therapists, counselors and psychiatrists.  There is also coaching.  As a trained Child and Youth Counselor, and a Professional Coach, I will take from a number of methodologies to support and guide children and youth as they navigate their way through these times.

Why Coaching for Kids and Youth?

  • to support the child’s acknowledgement of his/her positive attributes
  • to build confidence and self-awareness
  • to be proactive (vs reactive only) with maintaining healthy well being
  • to develop a child’s attention, emotional understanding and interpersonal skills
  • to diminish anxiety, stress, hostility and struggles with conflict resolution

With compassion, direction, supportive questioning, and support, children and youth are able to gain new skills and tools to be…their best selves.  By creating a safe, welcoming space that includes mindfulness, comfort and curiosity, our children can find their own wisdom.  It’s magical, rich and empowering.

It is really wonderful to hear from the mouths of our children, “I am me, and that is pretty great!”

Programs for children, youth and teens:

  • Kids Can- ages 4-5
  • We Rock- ages 6-8
  • Know Me- ages 9-12
  • She Shines (girls)- ages 5-8
  • She Shines (girls)- ages 9-12
  • Stand Strong (girls)- ages 13-15

To learn more or to discuss the possibility of coaching with your child or student, I welcome you to contact me anytime. As a Child and Youth Counselor and a Certified Coach, we have the option of looking at either one-on-one with your child/youth, or the group programs listed here.

“Our family had reached a point where, without some outside support, our son’s nighttime anxiety and lack of sleep was going to cause health problems for all of us. I contacted Jenn, whom I had heard of through a friend, to see if she could help. After a few emails, I got a feel for her approach and was very comfortable taking my 6 yr old to see her. My fear was that she could not connect with him so that he could express his thoughts and/or emotions to her and therefore she could not help him. Instead, she made him feel at ease with her gentle talk and fun games. He left his initial visit with tools to begin easing his anxiety and better yet, a positive experience with a nice, new person. The connection was starting to form. He looked forward to his next visit with Jenn as he said it was “fun”.  Although difficult to admit that you don’t have all the answers to help your child, finding a person as warm, professional and positive as Jenn was a gift for our son and our family. Her process takes time, as with all good things but investing in your child’s well-being by spending time, talking with and learning from someone like Jenn, is so worth it.” (Meghan, Mom of 6 year old counseling client) 

“We wanted to take a proactive approach in our son’s mental health wellness, and decided to have him spend some one-on-one time with Jenn.  He has Autism Spectrum Disorder and is at a higher risk of developing anxiety and suffering from mood disorders such as depression.  What we appreciated the most about Jenn’s counseling approach was that she shines a light on and focuses on our son’s strengths to build him up. She then shares their work with us so we can keep the dialogue and positive vibes flowing!  The result has been that Jenn has provided our son some strategies on how to better cope with his feelings & emotions.  He is now better equipped to respond rather than react. Jenn Rocks! If you are looking for someone who is invested in you or your loved ones well- being, then you need to check her out.  Jenn, your approach of always practicing kindness & compassion shines brightly through the wonderful work you do. Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us!”  (Mom- of 9 year old client)

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