Coaching, yoga and meditation?

on Jun 21, 2017

I’ve been asked before why I decided to put yoga and meditation in my group coaching/counselling sessions. I love this question!

As a counselor by trade, and a coach several years later, I knew that I wanted to do group work. The group invites such a powerful peer support dynamic as well as the learning that comes from the collective whole. There was something more that could compliment this, and I knew it needed to be mindfulness teachings.

In a day when we are particularly ‘busy’, our emotions are running high, and clarity/creativity hindered, I knew that mindfulness would be an incredible tool to incorporate. Yoga came along due to my own personal practice, knowing that this would be a way to have participants know that every ‘body’ can do yoga, inviting acceptance and strength to our sessions. It works. It more than works, it is an incredible marriage between nurturing our bodies, minds and souls, and hearing our own voice in a way we’ve not in a while. All of this allows me to ‘meet you where YOU are at’, and then move with you to an even stronger place. Whether we are talking about a 5 year old or a 75 year old, it works and it’s magical.

Who is it for? I used to hesitate to say everyone, as I felt it was a convenient answer that perhaps wasn’t really answering the question. The truth is, it is for us all. If life is presenting the tough stuff, it’s for you. If you are feeling great, and just want to add proactive wellness to your life, it’s for you. Children that struggle socially, emotionally or academically, it’s for you. Children with ADHD, Autism, anxiety disorder, it’s for you. Children that just want to try something new, and getting involved in something healthy like this is attractive, it’s for you. Anyone that has unrealistically high expectations of self, it’s for you. Someone that wants to meet new people and connect in a new, very real way, it’s for you. Looking for a renewed sense of direction, it’s for you. Couples wanting to find their way back to each other, it’s for them. Yep, everyone.

I’m grateful that YOU have warmed up to it, and keep coming back again and again. Thank you for learning with me, I look forward to meeting you where you’re at.

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