There is a lot to our teens…

Posted on August 14, 2018

Our teens; they are amazing, complicated, bright, curious, uncertain, frustrated, excited and hopeful.  Or are they?  Does it change based on the week?  Based on the social experience this semester?  Based on how things are at home?  The list goes on.  The pre-teen and teen years can be a load of fun; filled with opportunity and adventure.  They can also be scary as all, full of disbelief, confusion and uncertainty.  Wow, am I contradicting myself?  No.  I’m not because it can be ALL of these things, wrapped up into one beautiful and wonderful teen…your teen.   I absolutely love coaching/counseling teens.  Why?  They have such an appetite to understand themselves and their experiences.  They can (and do) plug in to who they are, what they want, and have the ability (and energy!) to do something about it.  They CAN learn techniques to feel stronger, and find themselves more receptive to accepting who they are.  They WILL ‘own’ it all, call it theirs, and find momentum on things that matter to them.  Having a high level of self-awareness and self-acceptance may not come naturally, but when it develops and they nurture it, they can tackle anything.  They really do have the willingness and ability to show up as their happiest and strongest versions of themselves.  This…is amazing to be a part of.   I welcome you, your teen, your family or workplace, to experience all that is the coaching (or counseling) process.  My magic is helping you find yours.  Here’s to the ongoing (and worthy) practice of bringing your best self to the world.  You deserve it!   To chat further about private coaching/counseling sessions, email me at

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Back to school…

Posted on August 30, 2017

Back to school…it’s such a process isn’t it? Some parents are excited; ready for the return to schedules and routine. Some parents are feeling rushed; supplies not purchased, and feeling like summer cannot be ‘done’ yet. For the kids, it is a flurry of mixed emotions. Some are so excited; they have new clothes, miss their friends, can’t wait to find out who their teacher is, and love all things about school. For others; indifference…they are ‘ok’ with returning, however will miss the fun and wildness that is summertime. Then we have those that are not looking forward to the return, at all. Although stress, fear, worry and anxiety are words we don’t like having to use when talking about children, it’s very real. For some kids, the notion of returning is stomach turning, and frankly immobilizing. It might be due to academic, social or emotional challenges. It may be change; perhaps a move to a new school or a new family structure. There are more scenarios than I’ve listed. My message today is one of compassion. Can we be sure to remind our kids, big and small, that this can be a tough time for some. Can we ask them to put their heads up, look around, and see where they can share their confidence and kindness with someone else? Can we invite them to step into the shoes of others, and know that school is really hard for some, and that they can be part of making it SO much better just by befriending someone they might not have otherwise? Please, when packing the backpacks and lunch kits, can you also prepare your sweeties with patience, kindness, compassion and empathy towards others? I promise you the impact will change another child’s year. Go back with smiles and confidence kiddos. Thinking of you all....

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Coaching, yoga and meditation?

Posted on June 21, 2017

I’ve been asked before why I decided to put yoga and meditation in my group coaching/counselling sessions. I love this question! As a counselor by trade, and a coach several years later, I knew that I wanted to do group work. The group invites such a powerful peer support dynamic as well as the learning that comes from the collective whole. There was something more that could compliment this, and I knew it needed to be mindfulness teachings. In a day when we are particularly ‘busy’, our emotions are running high, and clarity/creativity hindered, I knew that mindfulness would be an incredible tool to incorporate. Yoga came along due to my own personal practice, knowing that this would be a way to have participants know that every ‘body’ can do yoga, inviting acceptance and strength to our sessions. It works. It more than works, it is an incredible marriage between nurturing our bodies, minds and souls, and hearing our own voice in a way we’ve not in a while. All of this allows me to ‘meet you where YOU are at’, and then move with you to an even stronger place. Whether we are talking about a 5 year old or a 75 year old, it works and it’s magical. Who is it for? I used to hesitate to say everyone, as I felt it was a convenient answer that perhaps wasn’t really answering the question. The truth is, it is for us all. If life is presenting the tough stuff, it’s for you. If you are feeling great, and just want to add proactive wellness to your life, it’s for you. Children that struggle socially, emotionally or academically, it’s for you. Children with ADHD, Autism, anxiety disorder, it’s for you. Children that just want to try something new, and getting involved in something healthy like this is attractive, it’s for you. Anyone that has unrealistically high expectations of self, it’s for you. Someone that wants to meet new people and connect in a new, very real way, it’s for you. Looking for a renewed sense of direction, it’s for you. Couples wanting to find their way back to each other, it’s for them. Yep, everyone. I’m grateful that YOU have warmed up to it, and keep coming back again and again. Thank you for learning with me, I look forward to meeting you where you’re...

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The Digital Distraction & What to do About it!

Posted on January 11, 2017

This might surprise you, but I am not going to suggest that electronic gaming, social media, texting and online videos get boxed up and put away for your own safety.  I am not going to suggest that a full-on digital detox is the ONLY way to go for the sanity and wellness of you and your family.  I am instead going to share with you what many (including myself) believe is a healthy and fun (yes fun!) way to balance our use (or misuse) of electronics in a time when it’s next to impossible to eliminate altogether.  Is there something we can do other than eliminate the use of electronics for our children?  What about ourselves?  It can be a very frustrating message to hear of all the potential harm, yet have no solutions other than elimination or drastic use reduction.  I hope to have you see there are in fact more answers! Digital distraction is a very real thing, as is digital stress, and as is electronic screen syndrome.  (also known as ESS) For several years now counselors, mental health workers, addictions specialists and other therapist type professionals have spent a lot of time learning about it, diagnosing accordingly, and offering up suggested (even prescribed) solutions, therapy and prescriptions. Digital stress is a concerning and very real concern, and our teens are impacted more so as they are in such a critical stage of life as it relates to their social experience and development.  Digital stress is the exposure we have to negative and harmful experiences online.  Social media, texts and emails put us in front of negativity, violence, verbal attacks, shaming, frustrations and the like.  Now I appreciate that MUCH is good, even great, about all of these online venues.  I learn a lot, share a lot, connect and grow, and I don’t want to take away from that.  I do, however, want to share the reality that a negative impact is also coming at us in volumes and at a speed we rarely reflect upon, and this is where the concern comes in.  Can we, do we, handle this well?  Signs of digital stress include anxiety, isolation, secrecy, anger, depression, academic challenges and various other illnesses. What can we do about the impacts of digital stress?  We can talk about it with our children and teens.  We can share with them that use is necessary, but misuse can be health hindering.  (especially our mental health) Taking wellness ‘breaks’ is another great way to combat the stress caused. This might mean a digital detox, or perhaps any other type of non-devise-using activity that takes you to that healthy mental state. You know what feels right for you, and listening to yourself it critical for your proactive well being.  When we are not proactive, the only other thing we can be is reactive, and once we are unwell, it’s a much bigger chore to nurse ourselves back to health.  Another thing we can consider doing, is having more of our important conversations offline and in person.  How often have you said, or heard, “I wish we had not done that over a text, we misunderstood each other”.  Conversations about topics of consequence can easily go south in a hurry when we are misunderstood.  Making eye contact and noticing...

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Mindfulness; what is the hype all about?

Posted on September 8, 2016

  The practice of living more mindfully has proven extremely valuable for people in so many areas of life. It is not a new concept, however, it is certainly spoken of more often now in western culture than ever before. Mindfulness is deliberately paying attention, being fully aware of what is happening both inside and outside of yourself. How is your body feeling, what thoughts is your mind exploring, and what is your heart telling you? Mindfulness is awareness of such with an absence of criticism or judgment. How can we incorporate mindfulness in our life, so as to assure proactive wellness? Our lifestyle is often one that means we are going at an unhealthy pace and spending more time doing than being. This is simply not serving us well. We can accomplish as much or more when we are living mindfully. Single-tasking versus multi-tasking often means a higher quality output and a more grounded and clear mind. Getting outside means connecting with nature, and the great outdoors are so good for our mind and soul! When we are mindful at work, we can actually increase productivity, improve focus and enhance concentration. Have you ever read a page in your book only to realize you have no idea what you just read? It could be that you were planning your evening, thinking about that last conversation, or worrying about the upcoming meeting. When we are mindful, we are focused on the present. When we are not, we tend to be visiting the past or predicting the future. Our relationships benefit greatly from our ability to be more mindful. A mindful parent enjoys the luxury of being more aware of the child. A mindful partner experiences a physical, mental and emotional connection that drives greater enjoyment of the relationship and their encounters together. When we are mindful we are better able to forgive, have a better awareness of what truly ‘is’, and we decrease the chances of reacting versus responding to the other. This means reduced regret in terms of what we might say when we react! The connection is more authentic as well as deep, rich and soulful. How can we be more mindful, and does it just mean paying more attention? We need a true focus on our breath. Not just breathing to stay vertical, but deep, conscious belly breathing! If we can take even short pauses throughout the day, we will increase mindfulness and by checking in with self we can gauge if we are aware or on autopilot. Meditation is a wonderful mindfulness practice, and by regularly incorporating even short meditation to our day, we increase our mindfulness in all areas. We can get outside and just ‘be’. Savoring pleasures enhances our awareness and mindfulness, bringing greater peace and calm to our everyday. Please know, that the ability to empty all thoughts from our head, is NOT the only way to measure effectiveness with meditation. If we can notice, without judgment what is happening, we are being mindful. One step at a time…enjoy, be, practice and reap the benefits! With mindful regards,...

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W4; Warrior Women’s Wellness Weekend, September 23-25

Posted on April 18, 2016

Calling all wellness junkies! We are doing it AGAIN! Partnering up with the wonderful Caitlin, of Nourished by Caitlin Illes, we are thrilled to host another weekend for women. This is for YOU, and you won’t regret proactively taking care of your mind, body, and soul like this.  May 13-15,2016 we’re bringing you W4: Warrior Women’s Wellness Weekend. We are returning to “Quest”, a retreat center in Christopher Lake, SK! We will cater to your body, mind, soul, and spirit during this wellness retreat for the STRONG, MIGHTY and OVERRUN! Let’s come together to explore, share and experience all things wellness.You can look forward to: • Group coaching: reflection & renewal, intention setting and wellness planning • Healthy nutritionist prepared nourishment and education • Gentle yet exhilarating fitness and yoga classes • Mindfulness and meditation practices • Reconnecting with nature • Fresh air with breath-taking scenery • Rich connections with wonderful women • Total relaxation, growth, and renewal Know that you are doing all things WELL to take care of number 1. To register, you can email me at, or call 306.230.1529 A full schedule can be found on Cait’s site W4 ~Another wellness initiative with JMJ Coaching and Nourished by Caitlin...

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Learn to teach children meditation; coming to Saskatoon

Posted on April 15, 2016

Do you have an interest in learning how to guide children through meditation?  I’m excited to share with you that Lorraine Murray; Author and Trainer will be coming to Saskatoon in September 2016.  Check out the link for all the details.  Hope you can join us!   Course Dates...

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Together We Can- CAMP- Calling all families!

Posted on March 18, 2016

June 3-5, 2016 This is going to be family time that you’ll never forget!  Built upon the series for parent/child called Together We Can, we’ve created you a weekend family retreat.  Time to have fun connecting, growing, learning and playing.  This is family ‘therapy’ at its best!  Let’s make it fun to get to know ourselves and our relationships with each other better.  This weekend will be full of activities, (mild) exercise, free-family time, great eats and more. Connect as a family and have fun doing it. Learn more about each other. Communicate stronger. Enhance relationships. One or two adults: Parent, Step-Parent, or Grandparent. Children should be between 5 and 14 years approximately. (to best participate and understand the activities) We will be at the Living Waters Camp- 1 hour north of Saskatoon.  (south of Prince Albert, SK) Arrive Friday at 5/5:30pm, and we will wrap up around 1:00pm Sunday.  (no school for many on June 3rd!) For pricing and registration details email me at  (Jenn) *very limited space/rooms, so hold your family’s spot now!  ...

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W3 CAMP; August 15-19, Wild Wellness Warriors!

Posted on March 6, 2016

5 days: Monday August 15- Friday August 19, 2016 10am- 4pm Boys & Girls ages 6-12 Spend five days with us for a healthy dose of confidence, peace, connection and FUN! We will have days right full of: -group coaching fun; exploring emotions, accepting self, supporting each other. Using games, role playing, peer support and conversation we will discuss various life themes. -yoga fun; age appropriate, no experience necessary -arts, crafts and music with a meaningful purpose -meditation and mindfulness discussions -healthy eats (snacks and lunch) -storytelling & real-life application -nature walk & play This is going to be so incredible! Hope your child/ren can join us! Fee is $350 for the camp. To register: simply email me at I accept credit card & paypal (+5%), or email funds transfer (no tax) Classes are kept small, so space is limited, and programs typically...

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W3 CAMP- July 18-21,2016. Wild Wellness Warriors!

Posted on

4 days: Monday July 18- Thursday July 21, 2016 10am- 4pm Boys & Girls ages 5-10 Spend four days with us for a healthy dose of confidence, peace, connection and FUN! We will have days right full of: -group coaching fun; exploring emotions, accepting self, supporting each other. Using games, role playing, peer support and conversation we will discuss various life themes. -yoga fun; age appropriate, no experience necessary -arts, crafts and music with a meaningful purpose -meditation and mindfulness discussions -healthy eats (snacks and lunch) -storytelling & real-life application -nature walk & play This is going to be so incredible! Hope your child/ren can join us! Fee is $280 for the camp. To register: simply email me at I accept credit card & paypal (+5%), or email funds transfer (no tax) Classes are kept small, so space is limited, and programs typically fill....

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